Health Ranger: I support all LGBT, African-Americans and lawful immigrants as long as they’re pro LIBERTY… because #AwakenedLivesMatter

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A lot of people don’t know this, but my wife is a legal immigrant, my ancestry includes Native Americans (even Pocahontas, believe it or not), and I was raised in a multi-cultural social environment with many African-American friends, classmates and teammates.

Because it’s incredibly easy for Trump supporters to be ceaselessly and falsely smeared as being racist, bigoted, intolerant homophobes, I thought I’d remind Natural News readers where I really stand on all these issues. Because #AwakenedLivesMatter

As I’ve repeatedly argued in numerous Health Ranger Report podcasts, I have consistently expressed that I am pro gay choice, pro human rights and have even worked tirelessly to help awaken the African-American community to how they are being exploited by the cancer industry, the abortion industry and the vaccine industry. (Check out my podcasts below.) I also support LGBT personal choice, although I’ve taken issue with the almost militant demands that we all pretend certain men are women because they merely declare themselves to be so. I’m a biological realist, which means I don’t subscribe to the bizarre idea that there are “thirty-one genders.” (Thirty-one ice cream flavors, perhaps, but not thirty-one genders.)

Nevertheless, I was raised by open-minded, “big worldview” parents and I never even realized there was “racism” as a child because the idea was unthinkable, as so many of my friends were South American, Asian, African-American, Latino and so on. You probably won’t even believe this, but I swear that my fourth grade teacher had me tutor an Iranian immigrant named “Nadir” who, coincidentally, showed me how to draw the numbers one through ten in Arabic. (Somehow, if you put all those Arabic numbers together in the right way on paper, they make a human face, but I’ve long since forgotten how to write them.)

In contrast to this rather “progressive” upbringing, what I’m noticing today is that the real intolerance is coming from the intolerant Left, where demeaning slurs are mindlessly fired off at Trump supporters with no justification or reason whatsoever. The radical Left has, in effect, obliterated any real meaning that was once ascribed to terms such as “racist” or “intolerant” or “bigoted,” because they now use all those terms in an interchangeable hodge podge of mindless accusations, almost blurring them into a drunken verbal cocktail that sounds something like “a basket of deplorabigotist-intoleratiphobiacisms.”

See my article on “Hatred is the new tolerance” to read more, or listen to my podcasts below.

In truth, a “racist” is now anyone who wins an argument with a progressive. An “intolerant” person is anyone who believes in immigration law. A “bigot’ is any Caucasian person who doesn’t vomit all over themselves with self-deprecating shame.

I’ve also come to discover that an “anti-science” person is anyone who understands that mercury should never be injected into children because it’s a dangerous neurotoxin. (Yes, opposing mercury injections in children earns you the label of “anti-science” or “anti-vaxxer.”)

I’m a social libertarian, an environmental progressive, a patriotic conservative and a scientific realist

So it’s worth repeating a simple summary of my actual stance on the issues of our day. It’s best summed up as follows:

On social issues, I’m a libertarian. Love and marry whomever you want, as long as they’re human. It’s really none of my business, and I don’t even think the State has any business getting involved in “marriage contracts” in the first place. It’s a private affair, as far as I’m concerned. I’m also very much pro medical choice on nearly everything, but I believe we should draw the line on third-trimester abortions to protect the nearly-born from being murdered for organ harvesting.

On environmental issues, I’m strongly in favor of environmental protection. That’s why I’m opposed to GMO genetic pollution, widespread pesticide contamination of the food supply and corporate pollution of our delicate ecosystems.

On economic and national security issues, I’m a conservative. I believe in a strong military to discourage foreign aggressors (because I understand game theory); I believe in strong national borders; and I believe in small, limited government, low taxes and supporting local law enforcement. I also believe in the gold standard, the Tenth Amendment and the Second Amendment (among other rights).

Above all, I am strongly opposed to corporate and government corruption in all its forms, which is why I so vocally opposed the Bush Administration, the Obama Administration and the Hillary Clinton campaign. That’s also why I support President Trump and his heroic effort to #DrainTheSwamp.

Denouncing P.C. language, social engineering and demands for conformity to insane but popular memes

I’m also opposed to politically correct censorship of ideas and speech, “snowflake” crybullies and the reverse racism we’re now witnessing against so-called “white people.” As I’ve pointed out in my podcast below, we are ALL Africans in origin, meaning we can scientifically and authentically realize we are all brothers and sisters with a common origin. Why can’t we all just join “team humanity” and work together to defeat globalist tyrants and depopulation pushers?

I despise racial division and those who exploit it (the “race baiters”). And although I do not condone everything he has said, I have a special admiration for Reverend Tony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam for his very vocal stance against the genocidal vaccine damaging of black babies across America. On that issue in particular, he nails it!

The bottom line for me is that I support everybody as long as they’re pro-liberty! It doesn’t matter to me if you’re African, Indian, Asian, Latino, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, conservative, liberal, libertarian, independent or whatever… as long as you support the fundamental principles of individual LIBERTY, I can happily live alongside you as your neighbor, colleague or countrymen / women.

Our common enemies include those who seek to enslave us all with lies, tyranny, racial division and chemical poison

The globalists who want to dominate and destroy humanity achieve their nefarious aims by dividing us. That’s why it’s important for me to publicly state that my opposition to the anti-human globalist agenda is not with any person of a specific race, culture, religion or origin… it is with those who seek to destroy our liberties or enslave us in corrupt medical cartels, money supply monopolies, national “tax farms”, forced depopulation or P.C. language police mind control. I denounce the fake news media, the false indoctrination of the failed education system, the corrupt fake science of the CDC and the vaccine industry, and the deadly herbicides and genetic pollution of the sinister biotech industry.

My goals include efforts to awaken and uplift humanity, protect and defend life, expose those who deceive and cause harm, defend and protect human knowledge, and obliterate the false mental prisons (social conformity) that cause so many people living today to enslave themselves in mental prisons they inadvertently create for themselves. Freedom to think, freedom to speak, freedom to pursue happiness and the freedom to defend your life, liberty and property are all very high on my list of principles we should all defend with determination and courage.

Consistent with that, if I were living in the early 1800s, I would be volunteering alongside the Underground Railroad to help free the slaves. If I had lived in Europe in the 1930s, I would have joined the anti-Nazi resistance to bring down the Third Reich. If I were alive in the day of Copernicus, I would have joined the scientific revolution to denounce the false dogma of the Roman Catholic Church. Yes, in each of those scenarios, I would likely have been arrested and executed for resisting the tyranny of the status quo. Lucky for me, I’m now living in an era where we can fight for liberty without being executed quite as easily. (Although that always remains a risk for telling any important truth.)

That’s why I’m still alive and still here fighting for humanity, fighting for universal liberty and carrying a Second Amendment tool of self-defense at all times to defend my person so that I might continue to speak out against evil and corruption in all its forms. The mercury-pushing vaccine quacks, by the way, are just as dangerous and dogmatic as the Roman Catholic Church dogmatists from the early 1500s. In many ways, I am humbly standing upon the shoulders of great scientific revolutionaries like Copernicus in taking a firm stand against the mercury poisoning of children today. (Yes, the lunatic idea that ethylmercury is “safe” to inject into children is about as anti-science as believing the Earth is flat.)

Yet, no one said it was easy for Copernicus. The Roman Catholic Church certainly went out of its way to make his life miserable for daring to state an obvious mathematical truth about physics and the universe. Today, speaking the truth about mercury and the table of elements earns people like myself the same derision from modern dogmatists in the vaccine industry (and the complicit, quack science fake news media that’s run by pharmaceutical interests).

Nevertheless, I wanted to make clear that that I am a person who judges others by the color of their IDEAS and nothing more… not their race, religion, sexual orientation, country of origin or political affiliation. I’m on “Team Humanity,” and every person who seeks to defend humanity against the poisoners, the propagandists and the insane social engineers is welcomed in my book.

Check out some of my Health Ranger Report podcasts below for more philosophical discussions of these ideas (and more):




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