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During a recent appearance with James White of Northwest Liberty News, the editor of NaturalNews, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, discussed a topic that few Americans fully realize or understand: The radical agenda of depopulation that is being pursued by egalitarian elitists, globalists, corporatists and others who see the coming robot revolution and understand that the world simply won’t be able to support billions of people who are no longer useful to them and the entities they run.

As the program unfolded, the pair began their discussion of the subject matter by explaining that a core group of people – these elitists and academics – see human beings as being at the root of all the problems of the world, and not at all part of any solutions. Rather than see humans as an asset, these people see the vast majority of the world’s population as a massive liability. These same people believe that, were most humans eliminated in some fashion (global Ebola virus, for example), the sort of death spiral the earth is in would be eliminated.

CRISPR, a new technique

For his part, Adams noted that he runs in scientific circles (he is the director of the Forensic Foods Lab, after all) and that by and large, most scientists are not the sort of far-out, kooky types who relish the thought of eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population. Most that he knows, he says, are bright people who are genuinely curious and interested in solving the world’s food and health problems.

A small contingent, however, are what Adam’s calls “anti-life.”

“They hate life,” he said. “And they do believe that humans are the problem. And they actively want to depopulation the planet.”

But the problem, he continued, is that “they have the knowledge… because they can genetically engineer viruses” to wipe out large numbers of people, and make it look like something that occurred naturally.

It gets worse, however. Using a new technique called CRISPR, Adams says that many people who have no scientific backgrounds at all will be able to manufacture deadly viral strains “in their basements” via genetic engineering.

CRISPR “is a very simple, almost a garage-level viral genetic code editing technique,” he said. “This will allow terrorist groups to set up very small labs inside the United States – simple labs using laboratory equipment they can purchase on Amazon,” he said. “They will be able to create Level 4 biohazard genetically engineered viruses with almost no high-end instrumentation.”

‘That’s how easy it is for terrorists’

For his part, White mentions that the mass dth that would be caused by such developments is precisely “what these globalists,” who are all about depopulation, “want to happen.”

“A virus is, from an evil point of view, the perfect weapon,” Adams noted, “because, obviously, it’s invisible. A terrorist can release a virus anywhere, at any time, completely invisibly – they’re not going to be caught on security cameras. All he has to do is swab a door knob or a handrail, or whatever people touch.”

But deploying a virus can be done in a way that people don’t actually have to touch it for it to infect and spread. “You could have just a little nasal spray nebulizer, and just walk through, let’s say Grand Central Station, and just squeeze that thing and spread viral fragments into the air. That’s how easy it is for terrorists to do that kind of thing,” said Adams.

“They can release it anywhere, anytime,” he continued, adding that the only thing has kept a terrorist group from doing so is the difficulty in creating a weaponized virus.

Enter CRISPR, which “now puts that capability into the hands of low-grade terror groups,” he said.

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